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Welcome to Elements Online, our goal is to get your body flexible and mobile, and your mind calm and peaceful. Through our dynamic Yoga System, our priority is to leave you feeling rested and strong.
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Hi Folks! We're Melissa and Andrew Dow, a brother-sister team who've been teaching yoga together for years. We're passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience of Yoga with you!

Guided Videos

Anytime access to our library of Guided Meditations and Custom Designed Practices to Free up your body and calm your mind.

Live Classes

Wednesdays 8 am (PT)

Fridays 9:15am (PT)

Sundays 9:15am (PT)

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The Elements Body Program

The Way of the Student

Yoga Foundations


What you can expect from Elements Online.

Our main focus is to get you feeling good, healthy, and peaceful. We pride ourselves on quality teaching, and a supportive community. With us, you'll find hours of instructional videos, links to live weekly classes, and access to our Elements community, where you can post any thoughts or questions you might have.


Through our live weekly classes, and on our online community forum, you'll have access to a dynamic group of fellow Yogis.

Class Library

Here you'll find a catalog of specialty videos for every part of the body, including Meditations, Pranayama, the spiritual path of Yoga, and much more.

Access to a Teacher

Since we're not a random Yoga video on Youtube, you can ask any questions or get help setting goals. Whatever the need, we're here for you.



Our most popular plan

  • Weeky Live Classes
  • Full access to all the Class Libraries
  • The Elements Body Balance System
  • Unlimited access to the online community 
  • + Bonus Access to the Elements Beyond that Mat Program
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"We live in a time when our bodies are moving less and less and yet our heads are overflowing. Paying the price with achey bodies and busy minds.


It is our pleasure to give you the quality teachings to reverse the trend. 


Move the body, Still the mind."

"I love that I have Andrew and Melissa ‘in my pocket’ wherever I go! Elements online has helped me realize, I CAN be committed to an ‘at home’ practice. Whether it actually be at home, at the cabin, or out of town, having a full library of online classes, with amazing instructors, whenever,  and wherever I want, is the best!!!"
Gina Wood

"Best yoga experience I’ve found anywhere (is right here). Andrews deep knowledge, rich passion and limitless insights bring a freshness to every session."

Ron Bignell

“If your looking to take your mind, body and soul to new heights, the plane takes off on Elements Air the minute you sign up."

Jim Barr


Is it time to invest in your wellbeing? 


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