Why move? Jan 10, 2022

Well, it could be to pump and flush your lymphatic system.

Or to strengthen your muscles.

To improve your balance, Coordination, Flexibility.

It could be to create denser bones.

More energy.

Weight loss.

Better Sleep.

To play, to learn something new.

Pain reduction, Better mood.

Or perhaps the...

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3 lessons I learned from holding my breath for 4 minutes Jan 07, 2022

1. Every thought takes energy.

When you are holding your breath for a long time, every ounce of energy matters. Every twitch, every feeling, every thought takes this precious energy. In this down of potent down-regulation, very still, very quiet, when a thought emerges I could feel the energy it...

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Was does the word Yoga mean? Dec 02, 2021

Yoga is a word thrown all over the place.

Yoga pants, Yoga class, I need to do some Yoga.

What comes to mind when you think of the word Yoga?

- - - 

Over thousands of years, words shift, they mold and adapt to the culture. Often the origins of the word long forgotten.

Take the word 'Muscle'...

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The Illusion of Separateness Dec 02, 2021

Ever walked into the forest and had your breath release with the tension in your shoulders?

Had a thought pop into your mind about that important task you forgot and had the panic close your solar plexus?

Or have a beautiful someone give you a wink and had energy flush and excite...

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