Andrew Dow

Andrew Dow is the owner of Elements Movement Yoga Studio, where he puts to work his certifications as an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, and Integral Master Coach. Andrew’s dedication to mobility and mental strength fuels his cravings for teaching, and for learning. His portfolio includes instructing through Soma Spirit Yoga Teacher Training, and his commitment as an ongoing student with the Medical Qigong Program.


A father of two, Andrew loves to get his hands dirty, building and exploring with his daughters, or getting utterly lost in the Powell River backwoods. Andrew is an avid lover of martial arts, jujitsu, and boxing, and for extra punishment, he craves cooking himself in the at-home sauna he built, followed by a casual ice bath, for good measure.

Melissa Dow

Melissa is inspired by our ability to feel greater vitality and connection to our body’s through movement, breath work & self-reflection.

She is a registered 200hr yoga teacher, prenatal yoga teacher and wellness counsellor. She is passionate about weaving these modalities together so we can feel more at home in body and mind. She has facilitated for youth groups, women’s events and addiction centres as well as one on one.

Melissa moved to Powell River with her partner in 2016 and has been falling more in love with this coastal town every day. When not rolling around on her mat, she’s getting nerdy about herbal medicine, creating art & exploring this beautiful piece of the planet. 

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Why learn at Elements Movement?

Our perspective is wide, and we teach instead of instruct. We harness the best techniques from a variety of disciplines and methods to deliver what works. We lead from the front, practice what we preach and stand shoulder to shoulder with every unique student.


What makes Elements Movement different?

Our approach is quality first, establishing a foundation for each student so their journey at Elements is safe, effective and allows for progressions and advancement. It’s easy to see that a house built on a foundation of sand won’t work. We help students in establishing a foundation of proper movement patterns, range of motion, baseline strength and body wisdom. We are here to help you progress towards your goals. To have your goals be sustainable and solid instead of falling through your fingertips like a handful of sand.


What do we appreciate in the members of Elements Movement?


The willingness to embrace ‘beginners mind’.

To develop a relationship with your body, listening for signs of too much or not enough.

A commitment to yourself.

And most importantly… embrace the silliness, fun, weird and joy that is life as a Human Being.