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The Illusion of Separateness

Dec 03, 2021

Ever walked into the forest and had your breath release with the tension in your shoulders?

Had a thought pop into your mind about that important task you forgot and had the panic close your solar plexus?

Or have a beautiful someone give you a wink and had energy flush and excite through your body?

There is an illusion out there often found in the medical field, that a human is full of separate parts. The mind is one thing, the body one thing, the emotions another thing. A human is one thing, nature being something out there.

If this were so it would make things much easier, like we were a vehicle, with a mechanic replacing a worn-out spine, or swapping out a bad additude.

We are much more complex.

Close to that of an eco-system, with eco-systems within, living in an earthly eco-system.

Just like a shoulder isn't a separate entity, neither are we separate individuals disconnected from each other.

Everything that makes us human is bound and wound, woven together.

For example, a moment of joy is woven into our physical, mental, emotional and spirtual selves. There wouldn't be joy without the sun lighting our planet, all of our ancestors laying the path, the microbiome churning away in our guts. 

We are not separate beings.

We are woven into the wholeness.